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Birthday Song for Miku - Rin,Len,Luka,Meiko,Kaito [Official MV]

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[Clidk on "CC" button on the bottom for subtitles]- Something is due to happen here. → Previous Work → is a music video for a birthday song that I produced, for Hatsune Miku who will be celebrating her 5th anniversary this year. Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len and Luka will sing for Miku who we all love. The new 3D model of Miku featured in this music video is produced by Kasoku Sato, and I am happy to introduce that this model has not been released and is introduced to you all for the very first time!- niconico "Birthday Song for ミク" []- Karaoke mp3 DL []- Instrumental mp3 DL []Music: Mitchie M [] (@Tucada)MV Direction: llcheesell / Tatsuro Ogata [] (@llcheesell)Character Modeling: kasokuSato [] (@ksk_st)Character Animation: Hiromu Konno [] (@hirotsu162)Composite & Animation: Ryuka [] (@okiyama)Logo & Typography: Hibiki (Dawnlight affects) [] (@Hibiki1005)Animation Actor: Futa(Chonese translation by kyroslee)

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:03:11
Tạo bởi: MitchieMTV
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