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Melt - supercell.feat 初音ミク

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Entry description:

This is a filtered and cropped version of the Melt PV. Original source was rather noisy, had interlacing artifacts, and letterboxed (did not use all of the widescreen space). While I have cleaned it up a little, there is still quite a bit of noise during the hectic animated parts near the middle of the video. But hey, it's YouTube.While the first PV of Melt simply consisted of static pictures, this one gets animated properly at 3:30 (courtesy of Gonzo). Availability seems rather limited, possibly only viewable officially for one day. This video does not appear in the supercell limited edition album bundled DVD. Also known as メルト 3M MIX(一日限定公開Ver).Artist is Shirow Miwa, who also brought us the art used in the Love is War video. For more art:

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:04:28
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